I have taught a number of courses using R and RStudio, including the development of teaching material both on my own and with colleagues.

Data visualisation in R using crime data

1-day workshop on data visualisation and mapping at the Cathie Marsh Institute (University of Manchester) in collaboration with the UK Data Service. Material can be found on the UK Data Service website.

The course was subsequently updated and re-ran online with the UK Data Service and Methods@Manchester. All material is available on GitHub.

R for police forces

1-day workshop on data wrangling and visualisation for West Midlands Police Force. Please get in contact for material.

R for criminologists

1-day workshop on data wrangling, visualisation and mapping hosted at the European Society of Criminology with colleagues from the Space Place and Crime working group. Material is available on GitHub and rpubs.

Getting Started in R - an introduction to data analysis and visualisation

4-day comprehensive introductory course at the Methods@Manchester summer school, co-taught with colleagues. Material is available as a website.

Cluster analysis in R

1-day workshop introducing cluster analysis in R at the Cathie Marsh Institute (University of Manchester), co-taught with a colleage. Please get in contact for material.

R for social scientists

I am a qualified instructor for Data and Software Carpentries, and supported colleagues in teaching the social science workshop.

A Beginner’s Guide to Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice Using R

Co-authored a textbook introducing R for criminology students. Currently in press with Springer.

Samuel Langton
Samuel Langton
Postdoctoral researcher

My research focuses on the spatial and temporal patterning of crime and police demand. I am also interested in data visualisation, mapping and promoting the use of open software in social science.