The spatial patterning of emergency demand for police services. A scoping review.

Scoping review on the spatial patterning of emergency demand as measured through calls for service.

Operationalizing deployment time in police calls for service

Paper comparing different calculations of 'dispatched deployment time' using calls for service data from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Preregistration. The spatio-temporal relationship between bars and violence.

This study examines the spatio-temporal relationship between bars and violence in two major Dutch cities using emergency calls for service data.

Describing the scale and composition of calls for police service. A replication and extension using open data

Paper describing the scale and composition of emergency police demand in Detroit, US. Replicates existing research elsewhere in the US.

Policing and mental ill-health. Using big data to assess the scale and severity of, and the frontline resources committed to, mental ill-health related calls-for-service

Paper estimating the scale of police demand originating from incidents involving people with mental ill-health.

The accuracy of crime statistics. Assessing the impact of police data bias on geographic crime analysis

Paper using simulated data to investigate bias in police recorded crime at multiple spatial scales.

Six Months In. Pandemic Crime Trends in England and Wales

Paper examining crime in England and Wales during the first six months of the pandemic.

Six months in. Pandemic crime trends in England and Wales to August 2020

Article for Policing Insight examining police-recorded crime in England and Wales between March and August.

Crime and Anti-social Behaviour in Greater London

Stats bulletin reporting end of month counts for crime and anti-social behaviour in Greater London before and after lockdown.

Update: lockdown crime trends

Over the past few weeks I have spent a bit of time exploring police recorded crime trends before and after the UK-wide lockdown. There has been talk of lockdowns representing the largest criminological experiment in history.